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Ashley Court
33 Craighouse Terrace,
Surrey  EH10 5LH
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Ashley Court Nursing Home was opened in 1994 and provides high quality nursing care for the elderly in a community setting. Set in the desirable area of Morningside, Edinburgh, Ashley Court has been tastefully designed to fit in with surrounding buildings and is conveniently placed for easy access to both central Edinburgh and ...

Our administrators, continually strive to comply with the needs of their residents, when working in collaboration with families and loved ones. This ensures there is good rapport at all times between the interested parties. Many of our managers encourage residents to bring treasured items with them to ease the process of moving into unfamiliar surroundings.

Prior to making contact with any of your selected care providers, advice should be sought from qualified financial advisors. They will be in a position to explain all the ramifications concerning fees within this sector, plus whatever financial consequences that might prevail in a personal context. Subsequently, the management at those chosen establishments will try to ascertain if they can provide the standard of support required.

Should the time finally arrive when a family member or friend has to go into care it can often be very distressing for the people concerned. However the vast majority of our staff have received specific training in these matters because first impressions are so important. This ensures as smooth a transition as possible can take place in the foregoing circumstances.

With reference to the care industry and the advent of the World Wide Web, it is now even more important that the UK community have Internet access to all of its local services. This is why a well designed website and quick to navigate directory can promote their services online. Often nowadays, the Internet is the first port of call for those seeking information about what is available within their locality.


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