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Ashley Court
33 Craighouse Terrace,
Surrey  EH10 5LH
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Ashley Court Nursing Home was opened in 1994 and provides high quality nursing care for the elderly in a community setting. Set in the desirable area of Morningside, Edinburgh, Ashley Court has been tastefully designed to fit in with surrounding buildings and is conveniently placed for easy access to both central Edinburgh and ...

Nearly all care/nursing homes in Scotland are now required by law to be registered with the Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland, or as it is more commonly known the SCSWIS. The area office of the SCSWIS has specific responsibility for the relevant providers within its geographical boundaries. It is also tasked with inspecting each of these facilities at least once a year.

With reference to the care industry and the advent of the World Wide Web, it is now even more important that the UK community have Internet access to all of its local services. This is why a well designed website and quick to navigate directory can promote their services online. Often nowadays, the Internet is the first port of call for those seeking information about what is available within their locality.

Our administrators, continually strive to comply with the needs of their residents, when working in collaboration with families and loved ones. This ensures there is good rapport at all times between the interested parties. Many of our managers encourage residents to bring treasured items with them to ease the process of moving into unfamiliar surroundings.

Professionally managed residential homes where the resident's needs are properly catered for can be a much preferred alternative to the daily struggle of trying to look after oneself at home. Being in the company of others in a warm and friendly environment and of a similar age often creates a feeling of wellbeing. It is a also a comforting thought that well trained staff are on hand 24 hours a day just in case the need arises.


Jubilee House, 48 Polwarth Terrace, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh  EH11 1NJ, Scotland

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